joi, 3 noiembrie 2011

I'm Off

• Today, do something different. Even if it's a huge mistake that you regret doing for the rest of your life, and it's something you can never undo, and you lose everything you've ever worked for, at least you will have done something different. Which is a small victory. Possibly very small compared to everything you've lost and the suffering the different thing caused. But, hey, you can tell everyone, "I did something different today!" And you might get a pat on the back or something.

Si asa se va si intampla in curand , pentru ca la un moment dat ajungi sa fi ingradit de prea multe "stavilare", si in plus trebuie sa mai vezi si daca ai puterea sa ti asumi o responsabilitate atat de mare, este un exercitiu bun dar distrugator. Ma intreb cine se va juca cu mine?

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